Hotel Infinity

Hotel Infinity is an international artist-run initiative and nomadic collective. The main objective of Hotel Infinity is cooperation with international artists and art operatives who are intensively and actively interested in forming an artistic collective. The purpose is to use the collective as a tool for promoting international artistic cooperation in the field of contemporary art. Hotel Infinity´s artistic collective serves as a networking and gathering tool both on a digital global level and analogue local basis. The goal is to open the substance of internationalization on a local level. The idea of Hotel Infinity is to deconstruct the logic of a centre and periphery, and to replace it with the logic of a network. Hotel Infinity does not have one centre or location. Instead it has a network that aims at passing geographical borders and acting as an international nomadic collective. The linchpin of the Hotel Infinity is the form of the artistic activity, where interaction between the people is of most essence, with different meetings, projects and cooperation having an important role. Hotel Infinity operates with the principal of hospitality.